Autumn sky Hankins

June 13, 2013

Actually there were 10 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren Whoever made this obituary was messed up because grandma was a Christian and she loved us very much and she would never forget about us. It was not mine and my sisters fault that are family took us to a different direction. So On the account Of the other three grandchildren myself, Autumn Sky Hankins, my sisters Amanda Rosemma, and yes arose is after OUR GRANDMA, Hankins and Kelley, after our dad, who was grandmas son, Lynne Hankins. And our kids, which there is 10. Kelley has Isaiah Dallas, Samual William & Bethany Rose, Amanda Had Jacob William & Christina Elizabeth & I have Jenica Lee Nicole, Jasmond Lynette, Michael Ray, Deja Renae & Brett Andrew. And I know we are all important in grandma's looking down on us