Summer storms make for a wet week across state

August 13, 2013

Another unusually wet week for the Oklahoma summertime averaged 1.67 inches of precipitation for the state, with the highest totals across northern Oklahoma, according to today’s Oklahoma Crop Weather report issued by the USDA-NASS Oklahoma Field Office. Locally, the Altus area received 1/10” on Sunday evening, and another .09” on Monday evening. Thunderstorms are still in the forecast this week.

A severe storm brought heavy rain, hail and even flash flooding to the Panhandle Wednesday. The extent of crop damage from hail is not yet known, but the rain totals in the Panhandle averaged 2.79 inches, resulting in green-up of pastures and run-off moisture for livestock water sources. Overall, crop conditions continued to be rated good to fair, and row crop development continued to progress. Hay cutting was delayed in areas of heavy rain, but made significant progress overall and hay conditions showed some improvement from the previous week. Topsoil moisture conditions improved with 63 percent rated adequate and only 25 percent rated short to very short. Subsoil moisture conditions improved slightly and were rated 53 percent adequate and 44 percent short to very short. There were 4.6 days suitable for fieldwork.

Row Crops: Condition ratings for corn, sorghum and soybeans continued to be rated mostly good, while peanuts were rated mostly good to fair and cotton was rated mostly fair. Corn silking was virtually complete by the end of the week, and 62 percent had reached the dough state. Corn in the dent stage was 36 percent complete, and 14 percent of the crop was mature, 12 points behind normal. Sorghum heading was 61 percent complete by Sunday, and 17 percent was coloring. Soybeans blooming was 51 percent complete by the week’s end, and nine percent of plants were setting pods, 29 points behind the five-year average. Peanuts pegging was 94 percent complete by Sunday and 66 percent of plants were setting pods. Cotton squaring was 87 percent complete by the end of the week, and 43 percent of the crop was setting bolls.

The watermelon harvest was 74 percent complete by Sunday. Hay: Cutting of hay showed significant progress, despite rain delays in areas of northern Oklahoma. Conditions improved slightly and were rated mostly good to fair. A third cutting of alfalfa hay was 71 percent complete by Sunday. A fourth cutting of alfalfa was eight percent complete by the end of the week, 20 points behind the five-year average. A second cutting of other hay was 47 percent complete by Sunday, 14 points ahead of normal.

Pasture and Livestock: Conditions of pasture and range were rated mostly good to fair. Grasses continue to improve with summer rains in most areas of the state, and run-off rainfall continued to improve stock pond levels. Livestock was rated mostly in good condition.

The entire Oklahoma report can be view online at: under “Recent Reports.” The national database, Quick Stats, and all USDA-NASS reports are available on the agency’s web site at For more information on NASS surveys and reports, call the USDA-NASS Oklahoma Field Office at 888-525-9226.