Water distribution system repairs contract to be considered

August 18, 2013

The Altus Municipal Authority and Altus City Council will consider to approve a contract with Shoestring Enterprises, Inc., for repairs to the water distribution system, during the regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. 0n Tuesday, Aug. 20, in Council Chambers of the Municipal Complex, and will discuss other items on the agenda.

The contract specifies labor only for water line, valves, and fire hydrant repair/installation services to repair parts of the water distribution system in the City for a period of one year between the City of Altus and Shoestring Enterprises, LLC. This item will also be considered during the City Council meeting.

The AMA will also consider to acknowledge receipt of contract documents and technical specifications for the Falcon Road and Park Lane waterline relocation for the City of Altus as prepared by Gary Brickley, P.E. of Fox, Dreschler & Brickley, Inc., in the name of the City of Altus or AMA as primarily funded by funds from the Oklahoma Strategic Planning Commission. During the City Council meeting, Council will vote whether to make the project tax exempt, and appoint low bidder as purchasing agent and authorize to bid. This item will also be considered during the City Council meeting.

Other items under AMA consideration include approval of a bid for wire and cable to Wesco Distribution, Inc., of Amarillo, Texas; consider to award a bid for utility poles for the Electric Department to Bridgewell Resources of Arkansas; and consider to award a bid to Traffic Signals, Inc., of Edmond for traffic signal control cabinets to replace outdated or malfunctioning cabinets; and approval of the City of Altus’ Chlorine Dioxide Contract Extension, at the increased price from $ 0.63 to $ 0.66 per liquid pound for use at the City’s Water Treatment Plant.

During the City Council meeting, Council will consider to award a construction contract for the Airport Improvement Project (AIP) to “construct entrance road and expand terminal apron” to Altus Sand and Gravel, subject to receiving FAA grant, and approve a Resolution to appoint agent for authorizing signatures, and appoint Altus Sand and Gravel as Purchasing Agent contingent on receiving FAA grant. They will also consider to pre-pay Hooten Oil Company when necessary for Aviation Fuels.

Council will discuss an update on an offered oil and gas lease with Rock River Investments, LLC., at the “old landfill” site, at $150 an acre for a four-year lease with 3/16 royalty covering the net 55 acres of mineral rights, for a total bonus consideration of $8,250, and votes to table indefinitely at the request of Rock River Investments to resolve the “environmental” issue.

Council will also consider the recommendation of the Altus City Planning Commission (ACPC) to approve and Ordinance to change the zoning classification from Agricultural to Auto-Urban Residential for a tract of land in the Southeast Quarter of Section Five, Township Two North, Ridge Twenty West of the Indian Meridian.

Council will also discuss items that exceed $10,000, per Code of Ordinance, on three 2014 Ford Police Interceptor SUV AWD totaling $94,755, Four Lawn Tractors, $28,553.25, HR Time Keeping Module, $31,269, and Incode Server Installation and Estimated Travel Expense for $13,215.97.

Council will consider to approve a Resolution to for the City’s acknowledgement of the “Notification” for continuation of contract for certain 1985 Contracts to receive treated water from storage ponds at the City’s Southwest Treatment Plant, and establish a termination date of June 3, 2026.

Council will enter executive session to discuss a negotiation update with FOP #120.

After discussion of any new business, City Administrator’s, Council members’, and Mayor’s comments and reports, the meeting will adjourn.