Commissioners not to renew Air Evac Lifeteam membership

Jason Angus Reporter

August 20, 2013

Jackson County employees can still receive airlift benefits even though Commissioners opted to not renew their membership with Air Evac Lifeteam. The decision was made during the regular meeting of the County Commissioners that was held on Monday, Aug. 18, in the Commissioners’ Office of the County Courthouse.

Commissioners identified a redundancy in paying for a membership for services that would otherwise be paid for under the State’s worker’s compensation program.

According to County Commissioners Board Chairman Anthony Fixico, county employees requiring medi-flight services are already covered under Workers’ Comp. After further discussion, Commissioners voted not to renew at this time.

During the meeting, County Treasurer Renee Howard stated Cigarette Tax collections were up $79.50 from last month, and reported the Oklahoma Tax Commission had received $1,442.47 for the month of June.

Commissioners also approved Commissioners’ proceedings for July, and approved last meetings minutes. After discussing new business and approval of claims, the meeting adjourned.