Blair School Alumni Reunion

September 6, 2013

The Blair School Alumni Triennial reunion was held Aug. 30-3. A hotdog cookout mixer was held in the Blair City Park the evening of Aug. 30 and a special dedication was made. The Alumni and the Blair community made a special tribute to Danny and Avis Winters for their many benevolent acts for their home town. They have made many generous donations to many projects improving the quality of life in Blair. A granite bench was dedicated to them and placed in the city park for all to remember the many ways they remembered their roots. The inscription on the bench reads:

“To Honor Danny & Avis Winters’ generosity to the Town of Blair, School and Church. Their contributions to their hometown have made Blair a better place to grow up and live. Thank you from the Alumni and Citizens of Blair”.

The traditional Alumni basketball game was held at the Blair School Gym on Saturday afternoon. The final “Gala” was held at the Blair Catering hall downtown Blair Saturday evening. Awards were made to the honored classes of 1961-62 & 63 for having been graduated 50 years. A plaque was also given to Danny and Avis Winters to take home as a memento of the dedicated bench in the park.