Voters cast their ballots in special charter election

September 10, 2013

Early voters were at the courthouse Friday and Monday to cast their ballots in the special election either for or against the proposed City Charter. Today, voters will have to vote at their respective precinct voting stations: Precinct 1 Altus Best Western; Precinct 2 Altus Community Center; Precinct 3 Southern Prairie Library; Precinct 6 Masonic Lodge; Precinct 7 Southside Baptist Church; Precinct 10 St. John’s Baptist Church; Precinct 14 Prince of Peace Catholic Church; and Precinct 23 Martha Town Hall.

Mildred Koenig (left) submitted her vote at noon on Monday as voting officials Verna Hunter and Cleta Biddy offer assistance to early voters. Polls will be open until 7 p.m. today. The proposed charter establishes our form of government as “Council-Manager” (as opposed to the current “Statutory Aldermanic”).