Council to consider water restriction ordinance, water treatment, Senior’s Center

September 15, 2013

The Altus Municipal Authority and City Council will hold their regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17, in Council Chambers of the Municipal Complex to consider a Contract Change Order for the Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase I: Filter Renovation, and City Council will receive a report on progress on a new Senior Citizen’s Center.

Shoestring Enterprises, LLC entered into a contract with the City on July 16, for Water Treatment Plant Improvements, and after inspection found that most of the chambers had structural issues related to the original construction which will require more time and labor for the project, and a change order in the amount of $98,750.00. Council will also consider to authorize the Vice Chairman to sign the Change Order. This item will be discussed during both AMA and City Council meetings.

Other items to be considered by the AMA include a Resolution to adopt the budget amendment of the Altus Municipal Authority of the City of Altus for the Fiscal Year 2013-2014, and to award Bid #13510 for three 25 kVA, 277 volt, 1 Phase, Pole Mount Transformers, the best and lowest bid was from Graybar of Oklahoma City, for a total price of $2,650.00; to award Bid #13610 for one 75; one 112.5; two 150; one 300 kVA 208Y/120; one 750; one 2000 kVA 480Y/277; one 75, and one 112.5kVA 240D/120, 3 Phase, Padmount Transformers, the best to own cost bids were from H.D. Supply Power Solutions of Oklahoma City, for a total price of $91,969.00; and to award Bid #13710 for 1/O and 4/O Aluminum 15 KV 220 Mil Primary Cable URD w/Full Neutral to Wesco Distribution, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas as the lowest total bid price for the amount of $40,125.00.

After possible discussion of new business, the AMA meeting will adjourn and the City Council meeting will commence.

Council will consider to approve an Ordinance to revise Chapter 28, Article III Altus Code and the City’s Water Restrictions Program, to make changes in the City’s Water Restrictions Ordinance or to approve the ordinance with further amendments.

Council will also receive a report and recommendation from the MAPS Facilities Committee on possible location for a new Senior Citizens Center as well as the Fire Station upgrade and renovation on adjacent City owned properties and vote to authorize staff to secure an architect to determine total estimated project cost.

They will also consider, by State Contract bidding, the purchase of iRecord Essential (1-Room) Non-Expandable Kit (for video taping interrogations and interviews for criminal investigations), with related hardware and installation for the Police Department that exceeds $10,000.00 per Code of Ordinance, Chapter 2, Article V Purchases, Sec. 2-88, Paragraph 4.

Council will consider whether to draft an ordinance amending Section 25-13 Container system of storage, Chapter 25 Solid Waste, or any other section in that chapter, to prohibit those persons paying for garbage and trash service from depositing solid waste in another’s dumpster.

They will also consider to authorize the Vice Mayor to sign a Fuel Supplier Proposal with Hooten Oil Company for the Altus/Quartz Mtn. Airport. The Altus Airport has been a Phillips 66 branded fuel dealer since 2006. Hooten Oil Company is the “only” supplier for Phillips 66 in the area.

After discussion of new business, comments and reports from the City Administrator, City Council member’s, and Vice Mayor, the meeting will adjourn.