Collapsing thunderstorms said cause of damage

September 18, 2013

Mary Carter reported some strange weather activity from Tuesday afternoon’s passing storms. The damage seemed to be severe, yet minimal.

According to Carter, around 4 p.m., the carport was ripped off the house, but didn’t damage the car underneath. The roof of a storage building behind the house was also torn off. Carter said the iron poles that held up the roof of the carport were also pulled up and blown away.

Carter said the carport roof landed in the neighbor’s back yard, clearing a pecan tree. She also reported an electrical pole that was broken, and damage to a neighbor’s fence. The electrical service was also torn off of of the same house that lost the carport.

The only other damage Carter reported was a dead tree that was blown down.

Altus Emergency Management Director Loyd Colston said that the severe weather advisory for the Duke, Martha and Blair areas predicted winds below severe limits yesterday afternoon, but the kind of damage reported in Duke could be caused by collapsing thunderstorms. “They would build and collapse, build and collapse,” said Colston. “This happened all the way from Eldorado to past Blair.

The Altus area received additional small amounts of rain from passing storms Tuesday evening, and more is expected to hit the area late Thursday and into Friday.