Domestic Violence Prevention Month, and Red Ribbon Week proclaimed

October 4, 2013

97th Air Mobility Wing Commander Col. Bill Spangenthal and Altus Mayor David Webb signed two proclamations on Wednesday, Oct. 2, in the Mayor’s Office of the Altus Municipal Complex with members of the Altus Air Force Base 97th Medical Group, AAFB Fire Dept., Altus Police Dept., and Jackson County Health Dept., proclaiming the month of October 2013 as Domestic Violence Prevention Month, and Red Ribbon Week, for Altus Air Force Base and the City of Altus.

The crime of domestic violence violates an individual ‘s privacy, dignity, security, and humanity. Air Force families and communities are not immune to this pressing national concern. Domestic violence exacts a terrible price in both human terms and ultimately in mission and achievement. The Air Force is committed through Family Advocacy and other initiatives to eradicating domestic violence by meeting the needs of our families and creating a positive and supportive climate for our families. Preventing domestic violence requires much more than regulations and programs, it requires the commitment of everyone.

For Red Ribbon Week, Col. Spangenthal and Mayor Webb encourage everyone to wear a Red Ribbon throughout the week to show their continuous fight against drugs in our community. On Feb. 7, 1985, U.S. Drug Enforcement agent Erique Camarena was tortured and brutally murdered in Guadalajara, Mexico, by drug barons. His mission was to hunt down Mexico’s powerful drug barons, surprisingly finding a systematic conspiracy involving a drug cartel and high-ranking officials of several government agencies. Camarena’s death shocked and angered the nation, but out of the despair arose a groundswell of support. It began is his hometown, where people gathered to mourn his death. At this gathering red ribbons were passed out and the message was clear, “No more! No more deaths, no more tragedy, no more tears for lives uselessly wasted.” This message soon spread to other communities and thousands of volunteers rallied around the message. In 1988, the National Federation of Parents took the leadership role in organizing the first annual National Red Ribbon Campaign. Thousands of communities across America have now joined this fight, and the red ribbon has become a symbol of hope for a drug free society.