Commissioners approve bid on property acquired at resale

Jason Angus Reporter

October 29, 2013

The Jackson County Commissioners approved a bid offer on a Commissioners Sale property during their regular meeting held on Monday, Oct. 28.

After approving last meeting’s minutes and a $300 blanket purchase order for Jackson County Health Department, Commissioners approved a $50 bid offer for a Commissioners’ sale on vacant lot located at 604 W. Walnut in Altus, property acquired at resale.

Commissioners also approved a contract between Jackson County Commissioners and Peggy Edwards to pile debris on her property while cleaning out an adjacent fence line.

“We’re removing old dead trees and they’re going to fall across the road, and the landowner has agreed to allow us to pile those trees on her property as we remove them of the right-of-way of her property,” explained District #1 Commissioner Marty Clinton.

No action was taken on a Six-Month Bridge Safety Inspection or acknowledgment of bridge closure and temporary structure being installed. This item will likely be resubmitted with additional information for next week’s regular meeting.

After approval of claims, the meeting adjourned.