Sheriff’s Department receives new drug dog

Jason Angus Reporter

November 5, 2013

“If people are going to be doing drugs, don’t be out on the highway doing them, cause when we catch you, you’re going to suffer the consequences,” said Jackson County Sheriff’s Department new K-9 handler, Deputy David Southall.

The Jackson County Sheriff Department received a new K-9 drug dog, Maggie May, yesterday bolstering the fight to reduce drug use across Jackson County.

“We’ve been talking about getting a dog here to start doing drug interdiction, and to be accessible to other agencies and to work in some schools when they request our help,” Deputy Southallexplained. Maggie will be very active in traffic stops. “Our main focus will be to keep drugs off the streets,” he said.

Maggie May is an 18-month old German Short-haired Pointer, purchased for $2,900, who started training in July under trainer Mackey Kelly of Binger.

“She has an exceptional nose,” Southall said. Last Thursday, Southall and Jackson County Sheriff Roger LeVick met with Mackey to watch Maggie perform a drug search demonstration at a gin located at Eakly Co-op, in Eakly. Sheriff LeVick stated he was “very impressed.”

“These dogs are bred to hunt birds and hunt ducks,” Southall said. “Any dogs that can smell and have a drive to retrieve can be trained to hunt drugs.”

In the next two weeks, Maggie will get used to being around her handler, Southall, before they undergo a week long extensive training together. They will be certified by the State of Oklahoma within the next 90 days. “After that we’ll be on the street trying to find drugs,” Southall said. Deputy Southall has previous experience as a K-9 handler when he worked for Washita County.

Petzold Portable Buildings, LLC., of Blair donated to Jackson County Sheriff Department an insulated dog house for Maggie. “They were willing to donate one to us to help with the cause. And we appreciate it.”

“She will be an asset to the department,” said Deputy Southall. “Every tool you can get to work with out there to stop drugs is pretty handy. That’s our mission.”