Sometimes things work out for the best

November 10, 2013

Sometimes things have a way of working out for the better.

Last summer I was looking through all of the football schedules. High schools, colleges, the NFL, all of them.

I found something unusual. OU to play Baylor on a Thursday night game. Interesting, kind of cool I thought. Then I checked the Altus High School football slate. I discovered that same night the Bulldogs were to play Oklahoma City Capitol Hill that same night. Time out here. Surely I misread that. But low and behold I didn’t.

I never miss an OU game. I’m either at the game or watching on TV. I couldn’t believe I was going to miss an OU game for the Altus-Capitol Hill game.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love following the Bulldogs. But Capitol Hill has been the door mat of the district for years, decades even. So the games are not competitive.

So that night came last Thursday.

I was in the press box at Oklahoma City Douglass High School where the Bulldogs were playing Capitol Hill. I kept getting text messages updates from two friends.

As the night went it got bad for OU. One message said Blake Bell is playing terrible. Another one said be glad your not watching this, OU looks worse than they have in many years.

So after hearing that I was glad I was in Oklahoma City.I’m glad I didn’t

Like I said some things just have a way working out for the better.

Switching to a different subject I was looking on facebook the other day which is highly unusual because I abandoned it several weeks ago because some of things on there are just flat out stupid.

Any way fans amaze me. The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves in their second game of the season and they did look bad doing it.

On facebook fans were whining. They looked terrible one fan said which was true. But a couple of other comments made me laugh. They are not as good as they have been another fan said. This is going to be a long year another quote said.

Wait a minute here. This is just one game out 81. Don’t judge any team on one game.

Since that time Russell Westbrook has returned from an injury and the Thunder have put together back to back wins and looked good doing it.

Don’t worry Thunder fans. Your team will be in the playoffs at the end of the year.

I didn’t get to see the Stanford-Oregon game because as I have mentioned I was in Oklahoma City Thursday watching the Bulldogs play.

I followed it some on my cell phone while in the press box and was amazed that the Cardinal built a 26-0 lead and was dominating the Ducks before winning 26-20.

After reading stories on the game, I determined one thing. The smash mouth style of football that Stanford plays won over the finesse wide open style Oregon uses.

This is another case for physical football. Alabama does and look how successful they have been.

I just have to believe that all of these wide open finesse type of teams have a trouble dealing with the more physical play of teams like Stanford and Alabama.

I know the Crimson Tide and Cardinal can throw it also. But it really starts with the run game and physical offensive line play.

So there goes the Ducks chances of playing in the BCS title game. It now appears that Alabama and Florida State are the front runners with Ohio State and Baylor right behind. That’s assuming that Alabama defeated LSU last night and Florida State avoided a huge upset at Wake Forest on Saturday.

It’s obvious now Baylor is the team to beat in the Big 12, however it’s far from a lock. They still have three potentially difficult games in the coming weeks including Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas.

It’s just hard for me to imagine the Bears winning the Big 12. Baylor was repeatedly the whipping boy in the old Southwest Conference, My how times have changed.

How about some bowl projections for the Big 12 . Remember I am just guessing. Baylor goes to the Fiesta Bowl, OSU heads to the Cotton Bowl and OU to the Alamo Bowl assuming they can beat Iowa State Kansas State and lose to OSU.

Like I say that’s just guess work.

There’s a lot of football to be played and it will be fun to watch.