CAE and SWTC partner to provide student opportunities

November 17, 2013

CAE USA, the prime contractor for the United States Air Force KC-135 Aircrew Training System (ATS) program, has partnered with Southwest Technology Center (SWTC) to offer a job exploration and shadowing program to students enrolled in the Electronics and Mechatronics Technology career majors. The KC-135 Formal Training Unit is located at Altus Air Force Base (AFB) in Oklahoma. The program was initiated by Joe Costiloe, a simulator maintenance manager for CAE and a former graduate of the SWTC Simulator Maintenance Technology career major.
The new job exploration program is specifically designed for SWTC Electronic and Mechatronics because they learn electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical wiring, mechanical systems, computer programming, and troubleshooting. Students will observe the duties of a simulator maintenance technician for approximately 30 hours over a 30 day period. Typical responsibilities include: simulator preflight checks; documenting maintenance activities; diagnosing malfunctions of computers and associated equipment; performing systems interface/fault isolation; maintaining mechanical, hydraulic, electrical/ electronic systems; and repairing voice communications on phone, inter-phone, and radio circuit systems.
As part of the KC-135 ATS program, CAE USA operates and maintains the KC-135 Training Systems Support Center (TSSC) and FTU at Altus AFB. CAE’s staff at the TSSC is responsible for maintaining the product baselines to ensure commonality and consistency across all KC-135 ATS sites. The KC-135 TSSC at Altus provides services such as aircrew training device support, instructional material support, configuration control and data management, and maintenance data collection and inventory control.
After talking with Joe Costiloe, Brian Chaney, Electronics Technology Instructor, stated, “This is a well thought out plan that will give students the perspective they need to see what skills are needed not only in simulator maintenance, but job related fields as well.”