Commissions approve contract for debris removal

Jason Angus Reporter

November 19, 2013

The Jackson County Commissioners held their regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 18, to consider items on the agenda.

After approval of last meeting’s minutes, County Treasurer Renee Howard reported that the Oklahoma Tax Commission collected $1,441.39 for the month of September, up $334.65 more than last month. There were no blanket purchase orders for approval.

Commissioners approved to advertise for road and bridge materials, tires, and herbicides for January 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014.

They also approved a contract between Jackson County Commissioners and John R. Worrell and Shirley M. Worrell to pile debris on their property. Jackson County will be responsible for removal of debris.

“We’re removing a lot of these dead, most of them, cottonwood trees, from falling across the roads,” explained District #1 Commissioner Marty Clinton. “We had to have somewhere to go with them and there is a property there behind the county barn, and they’ve agreed to allow us to pile them there so we can dispose of them.”

Commissioners approved a memorandum of agreement between Pam Worrell and Jackson County allowing Jackson County to enter upon her property do repair the back slope and ditch to deter erosion.

They also approved Commissioners’ Sale by Jackson County Treasurer Howard on property acquired at resale, 604 Walnut. The bid that was awarded was for $50.

There was no action taken on the item for a Resolution to certify that no federal funding will be utilized in the execution of the project described as Humphrey’s Road Phase I & II.

County Treasurer Howard wants to remind the public that Tax Statements will be in the mail sometime this week.