AMA recieves results of Round Timber evaluation

Jason Angus Reporter

November 20, 2013

Freese and Nichols presented their results from their initial evaluation of Round Timber Water Wells Field, during the City Council regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19, and estimated the City of Altus could be drawing 1.5 million gallons per day (MGD) by Spring of 2016 if they approve the $6.4 million project.

After testing two wells for water yield and quality during their Phase 1 assessment, Freese and Nichols identified slightly elevated levels of nitrate, around 10.2-10.3, and the presence of Coliform, which they gave three alternative methods to treat. Well water coming from the Seymour Aquifer was said to have “poor drought resistance,” which is a factor when considering long-term water production.

Freese and Nichols representative Kevin Spencer stated that 79 percent of production comes from recharge based on average rainfall. At 1.5 MGD, fifty percent of the storage would be used in 10 years without any recharge. “It is subject to rainfall events to maintain production,” Spencer said, which could result in a deficit without receiving rainfall.

According to video taken by Freese and Nichols, well casings placed in 1967, showed some corrosion at 18 feet with significantly more corrosion at 28 ft. There were no holes, and the casing can be cleaned, however, holes may form during the cleaning process.

Freese and Nichols recommended further testing and sampling for quality, and evaluation of the other 14 wells. Once a field model is complete, further recommendations can be made. This was a presentation only, so no action was taken.

During the meeting, Dave Osborn from Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority gave a presentation informing the AMA that they expect their rates to increase by 6.7 percent in 2014, which will be offset by an Energy Cost Adjustment, having a felt impact of only 3 to 4 percent.

The City’s Finance Department gave a financial and operational update presentation, concluding with James Wilson offering his comments on being ahead of expenditures and revenues for the year.

“My final observation is: good job for continuing to stay on track,” Wilson said. “It’s very important, and it’s to your credit, that a year and a half ago you had a goal to pick a budgeting and financing strategy and stick with it. Every time I’m here I’m really amazed that you guys as a whole continue to adhere to your financial plan. And this is becoming probably the fastest recovery of a municipality of our size anywhere in the country. My hats off to the good work that you guys are doing.”

The AMA approved Resolution No. 2013-50 to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th Edition, as the rules to govern the rules of procedure for the Altus Municipal Authority, and Resolution No. 2013-52, for the City Council to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order, effective Dec. 2. The motion included explicitly that Robert’s Rules of Order will not conflict with State Statutes or the City Charter when in effect.

Council awarded the Falcon Road and AAFB Main Gate Waterline Relocation Project to Shoestring Enterprises, LLC as the lowest and best bid in the amount of $103,200 and authorized the execution of the contract and other pertaining documents, and also awarded Resolution No. 2013-51, appointing Lisa Drury, owner of Shoestring Enterprises, LLC., as purchasing agent for the project.

Council also approved Ordinance No. 2013-19 to amend Sections 28-53 and 28-54 of the Altus Code 1980 to revise the City’s policy on outdoor lighting. Altus Power Superintendent Dan Scott stated that the revision will not result in any noticeable change to customers.

Council entered executive session, and in open session approved a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of Altus and the FOP for FY 2013-14.

Council also approved to take legal action on an item discussed during executive session.

After new business and Mayor’s appointments, the City Administrator and Council members, and the Mayor gave comments and reports.

“Thanksgiving is upon us, and I am thankful for each of you for your service,” said Mayor Webb. “Thankful for our employees. I encourage each of you to come up here, I think the employees are having a Thanksgiving potluck on Monday. We ask all or employees to come, bring your favorite potluck dish, and enjoy each others company, and it wont cost the city a thing and we’ll just enjoy each other, and appreciate you. Council members too. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.”