Hospital serves up room service to patients

December 6, 2013

The JCMH Food and Nutrition Services Department proudly announces a new meal-delivery model as its commitment to service excellence.
“Room Service” will be served on-demand throughout the day, by Food and Nutrition department ambassadors who have completed extensive customer service training. The kitchen will be continuously open for eleven and half hours each day. Patients will be presented with a new restaurant-style menu and encouraged to order what they want, when they want it.
Results will include fresher food, greater consumption, maximized patient empowerment, and an increase in patient satisfaction.
Room Service is based on the hotel concept with one key addition: the new food-service ambassadors and call center associates will not only assist patients with selections, but will also validate diet appropriateness and identify opportunities for nutritional education.
About one-third of the country’s hospitals have adopted room service, and nearly all have enjoyed top-tier satisfaction results. Many industry experts believe that within a few years, hospitals not offering this service will be simply unable to compete with their peers in dining satisfaction.
Ultimately, the hospital will experience a dramatic reduction in food waste. It’s not nutrition if you don’t eat it!
Danielle Jensen is the director of the Food and Nutrition Services department at Jackson County Memorial Hospital. She leads 33 other employees who provide meals for patients, employees, guests and visitors.