Police looking for second intruder

December 20, 2013

Altus Police responded to a residence at 809 N. Jackson Tuesday evening at approximately 9 p.m. where two men were shot during an apparent break in.

According to Assistant Chief of Police Michael Bell, the homeowner and a friend were in the house when the front door was broken in. The front door lock was later found to have been picked and the door frame broken.

When the homeowner came into the living room, there were two male intruders, a white man with a handgun, and a black man with a shotgun. The two intruders forced the man and the woman visiting the residence to the floor.

“It’s uncertain at this point to know exactly what was said, but while the intruders were talking to the woman, the homeowner jumped up and grabbed the handgun and began fighting with one of the intruders,” said Bell.

Bell said that during the fight, the homeowner was shot in the foot. “He was still able to get the gun away from the intruder,” said Bell. “And at that point, he shot the intruder.”

Initial reports from police stated that the woman at the residence was the homeowners girlfriend, and that the intruder was shot twice. “Since that report,” said Asst. Chief Bell, “it was found that the woman at the residence was just there visiting, not the man’s girlfriend, and that the intruder was only shot once.”

After the shootings, the two intruders fled on foot. Police found the intruder that was shot just next door in the parking lot of the Tabernaculo de la Palabra Roca en el Desierto Church. Bell said that the other intruder has not been found, but that they are following several leads. If you have any information about this crime, contact the Altus Police Department at 482-4121, or you can call the Crime Stoppers hotline and leave an anonymous tip (482-TIPS). If your information leads to an arrest and conviction, you could earn a reward.

The homeowner and the shot intruder were both hospitalized, but their conditions are not known. Names have not been released due to the ongoing investigation.