Cops and Kids Christmas goes shopping for the whole family

Jason Angus Reporter

December 22, 2013

Volunteers with the Altus Police Department, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and Altus Animal Control Center teamed up with DHS and Walmart so local kids could go Christmas shopping for their families for the 10th year of “Cops and Kids Christmas,” sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police.

This year, five families were selected by Jackson County DHS, to go gift shopping through Walmart with an officer.

“We ask which kid they would like to do the shopping,” said ADP Capt. Mary Zepeda. “So they send the kid down to the Police Department and I assign them an officer. Then we also work with Walmart to set up what day and time is good for them. Then the kids get to ride in a police car or trooper car, and they come up here and we do some shopping with the Walmart associates.”

The kids spent $50 for each family member including themselves. “I was excited,” said Alize Molina. “Especially for my sister Alexis. I wanted to get her something special for how hard she works in her classes.”

Donations for the “Cops and Kids Christmas” are provided by citizens, businesses, and Walmart.