Alert Altus credited for saving life of elderly man

December 26, 2013

Altus - Alert Altus is getting credit this week for saving the life of an elderly man who wandered away from his residence, according to Lloyd Colston, Altus Emergency Management director.
“Within minutes of the alert from Altus Police Department, an alert Citizen found the individual and called Police,” said Colston.
Blackboard Connect was chosen years ago and updated this year to provide even better service. Initially, using grant money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the City is realizing a cost saving by various departments using it.
Colston explained that smart phone users get the extra benefit of being alerted only when they are inside a warned area. The City is able to alert neighborhoods rather than the entire community with the new system.
A note on the City Facebook page at says “Thank you to the PD and the public for locating this person so quickly. A Blackboard connect emergency was issued and all people who were signed up to Blackboard received notification.”
With temperatures in the mid twenties and freezing fog, the gentleman, dressed in little more than pajamas, would certainly been cold.
The City uses Alert Altus for a number of notifications, such as utility disruptions and emergencies similar to this. Weather warnings are sent by email and text.
Residents are encouraged to sign up at and also, with the new system, residents can manage their own notification preferences, as well as changes of address, telephone, and email.