Tom Steed Reservoir ‘holding steady’

Jason Angus Reporter

December 31, 2013

Water elevation at the Tom Steed reservoir “is holding steady,” said District Manager Will Archer of the Mountain Park Master Conservancy District. Because of the cool temperatures during the winter season, “Evaporation is down, and City use is down,” Archer said.

He said evaporation is the greatest consumer of water.

Tom Steed Reservoir was at 34 percent capacity in October, before slowly falling to its current elevation at 32 percent. With snow and rain fall in November and December, precipitation accumulation was 2.02 inches.

“Things are looking a little better due to the fact of water conservation, cooler temps, and a rain fall that we’ve had in the last several months,” Archer said. “We still need to conserve water until we get the rain to fill the reservoir up.”

Archer stated that for the entire year Altus has reduced its consumption from 2012 by 36 percent. Additionally, the town of Snyder reduced is consumption by 24 percent and Frederick by 18 percent. Hackberry Flats has no plans to draw any water until the lake fills up.

Archer is waiting for the Bureau of Reclamation to issue a report later in January with an updated life expectancy model based upon having no increase of water inflow.

Tom Steed was at 38 percent in February and dipped down as low as 26 percent in September.

“We’re just hoping for a wet Spring,” Archer said.