Butler, Tucker win primary election

January 15, 2014

Polls were open Tuesday for the County Commissioner District 2 Special Primary Election and the Duke School District Special Election.

Jackson County Commissioner Special Primary Election results for the Republican candidates in District 2 are: Kirk Butler, 96 votes; Wayne Caine, 62 votes; and Lacy Scott, 36 votes. Democratic candidate results are, Bob Tucker with 117 votes; and Brent Southall with 102 votes.

Butler will go up against the Democratic candidate in the March 4 General Election. Because the Democratic race was close, it may be contested. Southall has until 5 p.m.on Friday, Jan. 17 to do so.

In the Duke School election, Proposition 1 received 123 for and 96 votes against. Proposition 2 received 148 votes for and 72 against.

Because Proposition 1 only received 55.66 percent, it didn’t pass. The proposition was for $5M to do school construction, repairs, remodeling and for equipment.