Eldorado Board of Education honored

January 15, 2014

“School Boards Make a World of Difference” is the theme for National School Board Recognition Month during the month of January 2014. School boards both local and Career Tech school districts in Oklahoma will be honoring school board members for their service to their school districts and communities for their untiring dedication to school governance.

The foundation of school leadership is to ensure equal learning opportunities for all students, according to Dr. Harold Hayes, Superintendent of Eldorado Public Schools. “We are extremely proud of our district, its students as well as the faculty and staff, but most important the Board of Education and the members who serve the district and the community of Eldorado, Oklahoma”. School Board Recognition Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our elected trustees.

Within the Eldorado Public School District, Board of Education members must develop policies and make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues impacting the entire community. Dr. Hayes points out that board members along with the Superintendent of Schools and other school administration bear responsibility for the annual budget, students, employees and facilities. “School board members make decisions that affect Oklahoma children and billions in educational expenditures”. “They preserve the core of our democracy, that being public education”.

The men and women serving Eldorado Public Schools and their years of service are: Tim Springs – 35 years of service; Cory Robinson – 5 years; Kevin Hill – 5 years; Jackie Kenmore – 5 years; and Rusty Reese – 1 year.