Rotary guest speakers talk rehabilitation and exercise

Jason Angus Reporter

January 16, 2014

Physical Therapy professionals from Valir Health Center and Fusion Fitness of Altus, were guest speakers at the Altus Rotary Club Luncheon on Tuesday, Jan. 14, at Western Oklahoma State College. The two spoke about the combined role of physical therapy with exercise for injury rehabilitation and prevention.

“P.T., despite all popular beliefs, does not stand for pain and torture, it does stand for Physical Therapy,” joked Dustin Burrow, Physical Therapist at Valir Physical Therapy, and owner of Fusion Fitness in Altus. “Sometimes there is some pain involved.” Both acute and chronic injuries are treated at the clinic, as well as degenerative problems like poor flexibility and strength, and poor posture, all resulting in decreased health and increased injury.

As a Valir Physical Therapy patient, Rotarian of the month Bryan Patzkowski would agree that although not necessary, pain is sometimes an element. Patzkowski went to Valir to treat a strain in his right hip that caused acute pain in his entire right leg. After being in pain for 10 days, and relying in strong pain medication, his physician sent him to Valir. The pain was gone several sessions later.

When a patient’s care plan is up, however, they are sent home with a packet of exercises to be followed to maintain progress, but not many people do them, according to Burrow. “We’re trying to help the injury out at the clinic, but we’re looking for that long term care,” he said.

That is one reason Burrow suggests that patients begin an exercise program in addition to improving overall function and health, and recommended Fusion Fitness, a commercial gym opened by Burrow in July, 2013.

“The American Heart Association recommends that you have at least 5 days per week, of 30 min cardiovascular exercise,” Burrow said. “And also 2 days a week of strength training. Those two things keep your heart and your body healthy over time, long term.”

Physical Therapist Assistant, Kurt Craddock at Valir, and now training clients at Fusion Fitness. Initially, Craddock will test for flexibility and strength, and discuss reaching a client’s performance goals. From there he tailors a program specific to that the individual’s needs.

Valir Physical Therapy, (580) 477-3305, is located at 301 E Broadway Street, Altus, and Fusion Fitness, (580) 301-7383, is located at 1211 N. Thomas Street, Altus.