Water meter pilot program approved, added conservation

February 5, 2014

The Altus Municipal Authority authorized the City of Altus to enter into a pilot program to install 25 IntelliH20 water meters and a meter management system, and also approved to issue its “Revenue Note, Series 2014” to purchase a Heavy Rolling Pumper apparatus for the Altus Fire Department during the regular meeting of the Altus City Council on Tuesday.

The water meter pilot program, $8,500, with Capstone Metering and GAT Meter and Management Systems includes the installation of twenty-five IntelliH20 water meters and the meter management system. IntelliH20 meters can get a wireless meter reading, thus reducing manpower, and also transit information on water pressure, volume, temperature and back flow warnings. Meters can also be turned off and on remotely and can alert the Water Department of potential leaks in a city waterline or at the residence. Residences considered for the pilot program will receive mail notifications. This item was also authorized by City Council.

AMA approved Resolution No. 2014-04, authorizing the issuance of its “Revenue Note, Series 2014,” not to exceed $400,000, with the intention to purchase a Heavy Rolling Pumper apparatus for the Altus Fire Department.
“Basically we are replacing two pieces of apparatus with the purchase of one,” said Altus Fire Chief Jerry Abbott.
The new truck will replace 1985 four-wheel drive heavy brush truck Unit 38 that “went down” last year and remains out of service. It also meets both the 1901 NFDA standard for a structural engine, and a 1906 standard for wild land engines providing pump and roll capabilities and structural capabilities all in one apparatus. The truck will be purchased through the City’s Interlocal Contract for Cooperative Purchasing with the Huston-Galveston Area Council in the amount of $368,081. City Council approved Resolution No. 2014-05 approving the incurring of indebtedness by the AMA through the issuance of its Note.

AMA approved Resolution No. 2014-03 to adopt a budget amendment in the amount of $1,050,000 for a reduction in sales tax payments to account #53 5-25-5310.608 that are being paid from an accounts payable account.

After the AMA meeting adjourned, the City Council meeting commenced.

City Council appointed the City’s representatives for negotiating FY 2014-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreements with both the FOP and IAFF Local Chapters. Members appointed to the negotiation team include include City Manager Elizabeth Gray, City Attorney Catherine Coke, and Finance and Human Resource Department representatives. The Assistant Chief of Police will represent the City in negotiations for the FOP.

The City Council approved a change order for AIP Project 3-40-0002-012-2013 to “Construct Airport Entrance Road and Expand Terminal Apron” in the amount of $2,135.62, and add two additional working days to Altus Sand & Gravel, Inc.

Council approved two separate items to update the City of Altus Code of Ordinances in accordance with the new Altus City Charter, including Ordinance No. 2014-01 amending the Code of Ordinances Chapter 14, Libraries, Section 14-2 and 14-3, categorizing the Altus Public Library as a “multi-county library system,” instead of a “joint library system,” and also Ordinance No. 2014-02 amending the Code of Ordinances by revising Appendix D, deleting its current contents and replacing it with the “City Charter for the City of Altus, Oklahoma” as approved by the Governor on November 6, 2013. Council also authorized the editorial staff of the Municipal Code Corporation to incorporate into the Altus Code 1980 any other references to the Charter as it deems appropriate.

Council approved payment to Abilez Construction Company in the amount of $24,554.80 as submitted in its Request for Payment #2 for the Veterans Drive Waterline Extension Project, as recommended by the Project Engineer, Gary Brickley, P.E., Fox, Drechsler & Brickley, Inc., contingent upon prior payment to the City of the insurance claim filed by Abilez Construction’s subcontractor, to repair the hump on Veteran’s Drive roadway and the VFW parking lot.

Council discussed water sources and products for the City of Altus. City Manager Gray informed that the Mountain Park Conservancy District Board and the Bureau of Reclamation will hold a meeting on Feb. 12, and provide a detailed update the following day to the City regarding the water well project to connect water to the Mountain Park Waterline.

In addition, if the new water meter pilot study is successful, Gray stated, they plan to apply for a grant to extend automated metering services to the rest of the city. The grant potential is $100,000 with a 50 percent match.

In the last meeting, Council approved staff to seek engineer services to rehab the pump station and wells in the Holloway Well Field. “I’ve spoken with three engineering firms thus far,” Gray said. “Gene Leister has written the scope of services and will be selecting someone in the next week.” Gray stated that the local land owner has been contacted for the potential purchase of well water and they anticipate further conversation. “Dwayne Martin has been instrumental with that contact.”

After City Manager’s, Council Members’ and Mayor’s reports and comments, the meeting adjourned.