Community welcomes new hospital CEO

Jason Angus

March 28, 2014

The new Jackson County Memorial Hospital President and CEO, Steve Hartgraves with his wife Karen Hartgraves, were welcomed by the JCMH Board of Trustees, hospital employees, and members of the community at a reception on Thursday, March, 27, held at JCMH.

“Its amazing to have this many people show up,” Hartgraves stated in an interview.

Since Hartgraves began working for JCMH on March 17, he has been meeting with department managers to get a sense of the strategic issues within the organization and to review the strategic plan already in place.

“My predecessors and managers have done a great job creating a very strong and relevant strategic plan,” Hartgraves said. “So I’m taking the information I gathered from the department managers and reconciling it to the strategic plan to figure out at what point I need to jump in there and help continue on the path that’s already been put in place.”

Part of that plan is to ensure that there is an adequate number of medical staff and physicians to cover the unmet health care needs of the community. “Once we get that in line then we can start moving and expanding the existing service lines to meet those unmet health care needs. That does take a little while to do,” Hartgraves said.

As far as operation and structure, Hartgraves stated, “It’s really not that different,” transitioning from the 42 bed hospital in Graham, Texas to the 99 bed hospital in Jackson County. The big difference is now having the opportunity to expand on health care services at JCMH.

“It’s actually much, much better because of the population base that’s driving the volume into the hospital,” Hartgraves said. “The problem with smaller facilities anymore is really having the volume to be in today’s health care system. That is what a lot of rural health care systems are experiencing right now.”