‘Music… The Dance of Life,’ Music Week proclaimed

May 8, 2014

The City Of Altus Mayor, David Webb, proclaimed the week of May 4 to 11, as Music Week in Altus Oklahoma, with members of the McDowell Club of Allied Arts, Monday, April 28. The theme is, “Music… the Dance of Life.”

Webb asks all citizens of Altus to observe and take part in activities recognizing the importance of music, musicians, and musical organizations to the cultural life of city, State, Nation, and World.

As music plays an increasingly important role in the world today, and is one of the most sublime of human pursuits and is subscribed to by all races and creeds, music is the language of all peoples and one of the greatest forces in creating peace and harmony.

The National Federation of Music Clubs of the OFMC and the Altus MacDowell Club of Allied Arts - dedicated to encouraging young musicians, to increasing musical knowledge, and to advancing American music - and its cooperating organizations, join forces to direct attention to the dynamic influence of music in everyday living.