The Story of George The Cat

by Buddy Dugan

May 20, 2014

I have always been partial to dogs, mostly large dogs. I have had a Weimaraner, a German Shepherd, a German Short Hair, and an English Setter, and telling about each of them would be a chapter in itself. Today, I want to tell about a cat named George. The name came from a Looney Tunes cartoon, “I’ll hold him and love him and squeeze him and call him George.” George had been born in a garage and his mother was chased off by a dog and he was orphaned. A friend of ours rescued the kitten and placed it in my wife’s hand the next day at church. His eyes had not yet opened and he looked more like a Gerbil. I was not a cat person and I just knew that this tiny creature was not going to make it. I refused to even touch him. But my dear wife, a nurse, would not give up. She took him everywhere and fed him regularly with a nose dropper. This would satisfy his hunger but not his instinct to nurse. Eventually George found a way to satisfy this urge. He would suck on my wife’s earlobe as we lay in bed. I thought this to be funny until he found my earlobe. We didn’t go about telling people why we had calloused earlobes.

George did not work or play well with others, not with our other cats, or our dogs, or our daughter, or anybody and everybody. He remained in our bedroom with a master bath that held his litter box and food and water. I was the exception. I am told that cats make their own choices. Why George selected me I will never know. We have liberated George and he has the run of our new home. Before moving in I said that there would be only two ways that George would enter the new home, either declawed or deceased. In our previous home I had replaced door moldings where he had sharpened his claws. George now follows me from room to room. I never knew that cats would heel. Whenever he can he is in my lap cuddling and purring. Sometimes he drapes himself around my shoulders. I blushingly admit that he goes beyond affection to adoration and it is entirely unconditional.

Recently, the news channels have shown a YouTube clip of a three year old being attacked by a dog and the dog being chased off by the toddler’s cat. I have to admit that George and TV clips have won me over. Cats are loyal, devoted, loving, and defending.