SWTC students complete week-long job shadowing program

May 22, 2014

Southwest Technology Center’s Electronics and Mechatronics Technology Program students William Mcaskill and Hung Ho recently completed the KC-135 Simulator Maintenance Job Shadowing Program that was provided by CAE USA at Altus AFB. The Job Shadowing Program was conducted from May 5th through May 9th and was facilitated by John Rodgers, CAE USA’s Lead Simulator Technician, and the KC 135 Simulator Technician Maintenance Department.
The Job Shadowing Program concept is to introduce SWTC students to the flight simulation industry, as well as other equivalent industry careers. In short, they are shown the practical application of the skills they have developed at the Southwest Technology Center.
Mr. Mcaskill and Mr. Ho were able to observe the day to day operations and responsibilities of the KC-135 simulator technician maintenance department which began with safety, personal protective equipment and hazardous materials orientation. Throughout the week, the students also received basic overviews of aerodynamics, flight controls and control surfaces, aircraft instrumentation; all interweaved into the practical concepts of flight simulation.
The week culminated with flights in the KC-135 simulators, and the presentation of certificates, certifying the completion of the program.