Hall resigns from SWOK American Red Cross

Jason Angus

May 29, 2014

A reception was held by the Southwest Oklahoma American Red Cross on Wednesday, May 28. The event was held to honor Executive Director, Rosalyn Hall, for her involvement with area emergency relief efforts as she resigns to take on a new role with Jackson County Health Department. Hall was joined by the local Red Cross volunteer team and the non-profit organization’s officers. Hall, who was with the Red Cross for over 5 years, plans to still be an active volunteer.

“I believe in the mission so, I don’t want to give it up totally,” Hall said. “And I’ve got great volunteers here, so I want to come back and work with them some more.” Hall said that helping people has always been a passion for her.

Hall added that serving as the Executive Director she thinks area fire fighters and first responders are undervalued. “When they leave home everyday they never know if they’re going to come back,” Hall said. “They lay their lives on the line for us each and everyday.”

As the new JCHD Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, Hall will work within the community to promote smoke-free environments, work with area schools to educate children on the dangers of smoking, and encourage healthy living without tobacco.