Parts of music video to be filmed in Altus on Saturday

by Michael Bush, managing editor

June 20, 2014

Parts of a Right to Life music video “Thank You Mom” will be filmed in downtown Altus on Saturday. The sequences in this independent film will look to be set in the 1970s. One scene will be filmed at one of the remaining phone booths in town, and the rest of the shoot to be done at old Plaza Theater on the west side of the downtown Altus square. Shoot-time is scheduled from dusk.

According to Gene Fox, the City has agreed to let them block off the west side of the square for the shoot. Period movie posters will be put up, the marquee will reflect a movie of the era, cars from the 1970s will be parked in front of the theater, and actors will be dressed from that time as well.

“We really appreciate the cooperation of Mayor Webb and Police Chief Murphy for allowing us to block off the area for this video,” Fox said. “We also have to have thank Rent City for allowing us to use a crane for a boom shot,” he added.

The video is about a 16-year-old woman who finds herself pregnant in the area of Row vs. Wade and the push for women to make choices about continuing with pregnancies. The song for the video is told from the perspective of the now adult son that was not aborted. “We are looking to make a cinematically quality film depicting the sanctity of life,” said Fox. ” It’s through our belief in this and the Lords’ blessing we’ll continue to see it through.”

The makers of the video recently completed their first location shoot in Weatherford and Elk City.

The song was written by Jerry Fox and Linda McKenzie. Fox has written songs for the music group Bandana in the past, but his current focus is on Christian music.

The former Plaza Theater is now home to the Altus Christian Fellowship, and the youth of the church has volunteered to be “theater goer” extras for the video. Fox said that costumes for the actors are being made available from the Western Oklahoma State College theater department. The two teen principle actors will be Connor Simmons and Blair Barnett.

“Our hope is to bring a heightened awareness in preserving the sanctity of life and giving a voice to those who are unable to speak for themselves…the unborn,” said Fox.

“Abort 73”, from research conducted by CDC, quote there are over an estimated 3900 abortions per day in the U.S. alone, and this figure is from only 45 of 50 states. California and four other states, primarily in the Northeast corridor would not give up there numbers to the government accounting office.
“We want to thank the community of Altus for opening their doors in welcoming us. It’s through their valued support and gracious hearts that has helped our project come to fruition,” Fox said.