A good reason to slow down

by Sue Hokanson, Quartz Mountain Nature Park

July 22, 2014

This buck “popped up” over the guard rail, in the hairpin curve on Lodge Road just as the sun was rising. Just one of the reasons we ask folks to slow down as they drive through the park. There were no cars on the road, so one might have been tempted to zip around the curve-SURPRISE!

However my car was parked in the pull out and I was on foot (taking sunrise photos). I do not know who was more surprised: the buck or me. About one minute later a second buck crossed at the same location and about 30 seconds after that, two cars went whizzing by on their way to the Lodge.

Had anyone been speeding, it could have been a deadly accident-the drop off there is over 80 feet to the boulder strewn shore below. If you need to be somewhere at a specific time, please leave five minutes early so you can arrive safely and have time to enjoy the view. At Quartz Mountain Nature Park we know people come to have fun with family and friends. The rules we have are to lessen the chances your fun will be interrupted by a serious accident. For example: No jumping or diving from the rocks. Most years lake water is taken for irrigation and the water level can drop dramatically in a short time. Where it was “safe” to dive last week, may have a boulder that you didn’t see; No glass on the beach. There are plenty of rocks on the beach. If you accidently drop the bottle it will surely hit a rock and break. Then if you don’t get every single glass shard picked up, sometime soon someone will step on it and need stitches.

School starts in less than a month. They are predicting another cool down and rain event at the end of the month.

Why not come out to Quartz Mountain and have some summertime fun?