Fawns growing at Quartz Mountain

by Sue Hokanson, Quartz Mountain Nature Park

August 12, 2014

Summer is progressing, school is starting, and the fawns are growing. Many fawns at Quartz Mountain are nearly as tall as their mothers. Most of the park's deer population, know they have the right of way and often just stand in the road. Please allow extra time when driving through the park.

Fawn's spots are fading and they are eating more and more vegetation. The summer's frequent rains have many of the grasses green and lush. Good nutrition in late summer and early fall will help all deer enter winter healthy. Healthier fawns will survive their first winter and healthier does will have healthy fawns next spring.

The summer rains have not been large enough for Lake Altus-Lugert's water level to really rise. The rains have provided cooler temperatures and more cloud cover, so the evaporation has been less. With less evaporation the lake level has not dropped as much as in hotter summers in the past.

Lake Altus-Lugert is still about 18 percent full or 82 percent empty. Small to mid-sized boats and jet-skis are still able to launch from the main boat ramp. The other three boat ramps are all high and dry. Good sized catfish have been caught in the river (North Fork of the Red) below the dam.