Workman couple share 70 years

In 1945 Charles “Chuck” Workman met Harvilla “Billie” Tourney in Costa Mesa, California. Workman was in the Navy and Tourney was in school. They took a bus to Yuma, Arizona on June 16, 1946 and seventy years later they are still married.

Soon after they married they started a family by having their first daughter, Linda; second daughter, Charlene; a son Charles David and their youngest daughter, Diana.

The Workman family as made a home in Southern California for most of their married life, but moved to Warren, Oklahoma in 2000 to be near their daughter, Diana.

Though Billie now lives at the Ayers nursing home, due to Alzheimer’s, Chuck goes to visit her as often as possible.
Workman couple share 70 years
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