Important info shared for those using the lake this weekend

by Sue Hokanson - Quartz Mountain Nature Park

The Labor Day Holiday Weekend is this weekend. For many this is the last big camping weekend. The Main Park campgrounds are anticipated to fill by Wednesday Sept. 2. North Shore may not fill but choice sites will go quick. Quartz Mountain Nature Park does not take camping reservations. Camp sites are on a first come, first serve basis.

Lake Altus-Lugert is down 8 feet from full. This puts it at about 65% full. The main Boat Ramp and Hicks Mountain are still in good shape. Please remember that at the Main Boat Ramp, only vehicles with boat trailers can park in the paved lot. To avoid a parking ticket, use the gravel lot if you are not pulling a boat trailer.

With the lake down, there is plenty of sandy beach near the Main Swim Beach. Please use the Swim Beach for swimming, rather than the fishing dock or boat ramps. The boat ramp is for launching boats, and the fishing dock is for fishing or photography.

It hasn’t rained much in the last two weeks, so vegetation is starting to dry. Please use caution with any flames. We are not in a Burn Ban, so camp fires are permitted. Always have an adult observing any burning campfire. Having a full bucket of water handy. Any time the camp fire is lit, is a good idea to have water on hand. Please thoroughly extinguish your camp fire before going to sleep or leaving your camp site.

by Sue Hokanson

Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Reach Sue Hokanson at

Reach Sue Hokanson at

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