Lt. governor candidate Matt Pinnell talks small business growth in Altus

Lt. governor candidate visits Jackson County

By Katrina Goforth -

Lt. Governor candidate Matt Pinnell (R-Tulsa) made a trip to Altus Tuesday to speak with the Southwest Oklahoma Republican Women and other members of the community about his campaign in the 2018 election.

While Pinnell is finding a campaign through all 77 Oklahoma counties strenuous, he’s focused on creating an Oklahoma that his four children and their children can be proud to call home. He believes the only way to do that is to build up the small businesses that he knows make up Oklahoma’s economy and drive the national reputation of the state.

Pinnell and his wife are small business owners themselves, running Binxy Baby, a company that produces baby hammocks that are manufactured and shipped across the country.

“We essentially lived with a shopping cart in our kitchen for a couple of years coming up with this product, so I understand the highs and lows of starting a business and signing both sides of those checks and hiring employees,” Pinnell said.”If the next governor wants the lieutenant governor to continue in the role of Small Business Advocate in the Governor’s Cabinet, I make a lot of sense as a small business owner.”

The Lt. Governor of Oklahoma also serves as the Chairman of the Tourism Commission, a job Pinnell takes seriously as he sees the prospect of Oklahoma’s future with increased tourism advertising and 7-to-1 return on every dollar spent.

“There are members of the baby boomer generation who are about to retire and begin traveling,” Pinnell said. “That money will go somewhere, why not Oklahoma? We have so much to offer and we need to show that.”

Along with focusing on increasing tourism in Oklahoma, Pinnell is set on bringing in more job opportunities to give Oklahoma’s younger generations a reason to stay in the state and contribute to the economy.

“The lieutenant governor is essentially the economic director of the state when it comes to things like job retention and recruiting for the state,” Pinnell said. “Having the connection that I do after being all over the country in essentially every state over the last few years, I know I can get that done.”

Pinnell has served as the Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, overseen campaigns in all 50 states and helped in the election of Pres. Donald Trump.

Oklahoma will hold an election for governor and lieutenant governor November 6, 2018. So far, declared candidates for lt. governor include Matt Pinnell (R-Tulsa), Dana Murphy (R-Woodward), Dominique Damon Block Sr. (R-Oklahoma City), and Sen. Eddie Fields (R-Wynona).
Lt. governor candidate visits Jackson County

By Katrina Goforth

Reach Katrina Goforth at 580-482-1221, ext. 2077.

Reach Katrina Goforth at 580-482-1221, ext. 2077.

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