Police investigate three incidents at Altus Resevoir

Staff Report

According to Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy, Altus police are conducting investigations into three recent incidents at the Altus City Reservoir.

The first case was reported on Aug. 22, shortly before 7 a.m., where the victim told police a light colored pickup circled the reservoir several times. The vehicle, driven by a young Hispanic male, stopped and the man attempted to grab the victim. The victim told police she screamed and the suspect got back into the vehicle and drove off. A witness described seeing a white single cab pickup, with no tailgate and a headache rack circling the reservoir but did not see the actual assault.

On Aug. 26 around 1 p.m., the second victim, a 14-year girl, told police a Hispanic male approximately 50 to 60 years of age encouraged or tried to persuade her into getting into his truck. She told police that she ran in the opposite direction in which the vehicle was traveling and towards other people who were nearby. This victim described the truck as light blue or grey in color.

On Aug. 28 around 7 a.m., a woman reported that, while she was walking around the reservoir, a subject in an older model Chevrolet pickup reached out and grabbed her as the vehicle drove by and then sped off. She was unable to get a description of the driver of the vehicle. There were no injuries reported in these incidents.

“The Altus City Reservoir has always been a popular location to walk and exercise. With recent events, here are a few safety tips from police. Walk with a partner. Be vigilant or aware of your surroundings. Have a cell phone in case you need to call police. Trust your instincts and call police if you see something suspicious. If someone grabs you, draw as much attention to yourself as you can—yell or scream.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the driver or the vehicle in the these investigations to call the Altus Police Department at 482-4121.

Staff Report

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