Coffee Cup Bunch to hear stories of Christmases of yesteryear

Staff Report

Staff Report

The Coffee Cup Bunch of the Friends of the Librarywill hear excerpts from the memoir Journey Home presented by Jennie Buchanan retelling the stories of Christmases of yesterday on a homestead “five miles south and three miles east of Altus,” on Wedensday at 10 a.m. at the Altus Public Library.

Journey Home was written in 1973 by Nellie Minor Hayes, the daughter of Hugh and Maud Minor, who came to this area in 1892 to farm and raise their family of nine children.

“We have a number of memoirs in the family history collection of the Museum of the Western Prairie, and all of them are filled with intriguing details of the history of our corner of the state,” explained the Director of the Museum Jennie Buchanan.

“However, I was particularly delighted when I first read the memoir written by Nellie Hayes because she has a real talent for writing and employs it well as she recounts vivid memories of her childhood in the Humphries area back in the days of pot-bellied stoves and horse-drawn sleighs. I was doubly delighted when I discovered that the memoir contains an entire chapter of Christmas memories, making it the perfect selection for a December book review!”

The chapter, titled “How We Celebrated Christmas,” recounts Hayes’ memories of the annual Christmas Tree community celebrations at the Frances School and later the Humphries School, including her father’s trek to Navajo Mountain to harvest the perfect tree, the children’s homemade tree decorations and Santa’s arrival.

“Mrs. Hayes’ memories of her Christmases of yesteryear will provide the perfect entry in the holiday season,” Buchanan commented. “All in all, it’s a wonderful story full of insights into the everyday lives of early-day homesteaders.”

The Coffee Cup Bunch of the Friends of the Library meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Altus Public Library. The meetings are free and open to the public.

Staff Report

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