Body of murdered man at Lake Frederick identified

by Cheryl Orr - Frederick Press-Leader

The body which was discovered at Lake Frederick over the weekend has been positively identified by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation as Billy Joe Nunn. Tammy Sue Nunn, spouse of the deceased man, has been arrested and charged with the death.

OSBI special agent Robert Williams, investigated the death and completed an affidavit which describes a ghastly scene at Lake Frederick where Nunn’s body was discovered. The report documents that after receiving an early morning 911 call from a traveling companion of the deceased man, law enforcement officers were directed to the still dark campsite where Nunn’s body was located. He was found dead, on fire and bearing markings consistent with tracks of vehicle tires.

Williams’ report documents that Tammy and Bill Nunn traveled from Eufala on Sept. 18 with a male companion, Matthew Hamm. After reaching Manitou around 2 a.m., the trio reportedly was joined by Manitou resident, James Murphy. It was said that the group, “decided to go to Lake Frederick to go fishing and to party.”

After arriving at the lake, the court document notes, Hamm and Murphy unloaded equipment from the vehicle and started a fire. The two men, Hamm and Murphy, reportedly then walked to the restroom and left the two Nunn’s alone at the campsite for about 10 minutes.

Upon returning to the campsite, the men allegedly saw Tammy Sue Nunn carrying logs from the campfire to another location about 45 feet away where another fire was burning. In the second fire, the men allege they saw Bill Nunn on fire and, they reported, he appeared to be dead.

According to the affidavit, Hamm and Murphy tried to convince Tammy Nunn to call the police but she did not agree. Hamm later called 911 to report the incident.

When Frederick Police arrived at the scene, Tammy Nunn was sitting in the vehicle that, according to the report, had markings which could be consistent with having driven over a person.

The affidavit documents alcohol had reportedly been consumed by Tammy Nunn and Matthew Hamm throughout the road trip from Eufala to Manitou. The report also notes the Nunn’s had been arguing. It was also said that Tammy Nunn had been verbally abusive to Bill Nunn during the road trip.

Tammy Nunn made her initial court appearance on Tuesday, Sept. 22, in the early afternoon. She requested a court appointed attorney and was advised to complete the application for Court appointed counsel as soon as possible.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 13. Nunn has been denied bond by Judge Brad Benson and remains in custody in the Tillman County Jail.

by Cheryl Orr

Frederick Press-Leader

Reach Cheryl Orr at

Reach Cheryl Orr at

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