Small swaps can lead to better resolution results

Staff Report

Staff Report

Picture this: instead of setting unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, try focusing more on a lifestyle filled with small, healthy swaps that fit your everyday routine. Shape Your Future, a program of the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), has a resolution solution for 2018.

Healthy swaps aren’t big changes, just realistic swaps that make a huge difference in healthy living. Love French fries? Try baking sweet potato fries at home instead of picking up the fast food variety. Taking the elevator at work? Try using the stairs instead.

“Between busy family schedules, hectic work days and snacking on the go, it can be difficult to maintain a New Year’s resolution to be healthier,” said Barbara Burleson, Jackson County Community Health Action Team Nutrition & Fitness Task Force Chair. “Healthy swaps are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite meals and activities in a more healthful way, helping keep your health and your New Year’s resolutions on track.”

Healthy food swaps include choosing whole grains, lean meats, whole fruits and veggies over less nutritious food options. Additionally, try a healthy baking swap, like using applesauce instead of vegetable oil.

Oklahomans have the option to swap inactivity with more physical movement, no matter the weather. Shape Your Future encourages families to swap screen time for playtime and to add physical activity to morning routines by doing squats or calf raises while brushing their teeth. Adding 30 minutes of physical activity each day for adults and 60 minutes for kids can get everyone on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Easy ways to implement healthy swaps into your everyday schedule include:

• Eating whole grain cereals instead of sugary cereals;

• Trying a whole wheat bagel instead of a cinnamon roll;

• Moving during TV commercial breaks instead of sitting still;

• Snacking on carrots and hummus instead of chips and dip;

• Eating healthy lunch packs instead of store-bought lunch packs;

• Drinking water instead of soda (or other sugary drinks);

• Snacking on unsalted mixed nuts instead of sugary candy; and

• Taking a walk break instead of a smoke break.

To learn more about how your school district or faith-based organization can begin 2018 a little healthier contact Shaundra Covey at; businesses and communities contact Victoria Cleveland at or Tara Turner at

Staff Report

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