Miracle baby approaching one year birthday

Victoria Rose Davis, the miracle baby. Victoria is the only person known to be missing 72 genes on her seventh chromosome in addition to the other birth defects and medical issues she was born with.

Mom, Anesha Davis and big brother Landon, during a visit with Victoria.

Anesha Davis of Altus, gave birth to a baby girl, Victoria Rose, July 11, 2014. At only two months pregnant, Davis learned that her tiny baby would be born with birth defects, including, cleft lip, cleft palate, and a heart condition. It was also discovered that Victoria is mosaic on her eighth chromosome and after more testing the doctors learned she is missing 72 genes on her seventh chromosome.

“She is the only one to ever have this. There’s been no one else with this. She’s like a research baby now. The doctors just go day by day with her,” said Davis.

Victoria has been in the hospital since birth and her mother Anesha now refers to the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center as home. On more than one occasion doctors have told Davis that her daughter wouldn’t make it another day, and even after Victoria did code blue for 10 minutes, Davis never lost hope and faith.

‘The doctors don’t know everything, they don’t and she proves them wrong every single time. Every time,” said Davis.

Victoria isn’t an only child. Davis is a single mother of two. Her parents help her take care of her three-year-old son Landon in Altus, while Davis spends her days three hours away, in Oklahoma City caring for his baby sister.

“It’s very difficult. I feel guilty leaving my three-year-old,” Davis said. “I’m blessed to have my parents and Landon loves being with them. He’s his sister’s biggest fan. He tells all his little buddies about Victoria.”

Davis asked little Landon, “who’s the prettiest girl you know?”

“Victoria,” said Landon with the biggest smile. “She’s a princess.”

Victoria is a very loved little girl and there are a lot of people cheering her on. Much of the hospital staff takes time to visit her, from valet parking guys, all the way to the CEO of the hospital.

“Victoria is famous. Everyone loves Victoria,” said Davis.

Victoria Rose is a ray of sunshine in the hospital, brightening people’s day and giving them hope.

There’s a special prayer for Victoria that Davis shares on Facebook anytime she’s going to have a procedure, or just not having the best day, and it allows everyone the opportunity to say the same prayer at the same time. The prayer is also displayed in Victoria’s hospital room.

“Another mother who has gone through, what I’m going through but unfortunately lost her child, was gracious enough to write the prayer for Victoria,” said Davis.

Through all of the medical procedures, watching her daughter fight for her life, witnessing her daughter have a major impact on the lives of others everyday, and hoping and preparing for Victoria’s next heart surgery, all while having to be away from her other baby; three-year-old Landon, Davis manages to keep her spirits high and a smile on her face.

“My faith is stronger than it has ever been,” said Davis.

Davis and family is very excited as they prepare to celebrate Victoria’s first birthday on July 11. Though it will be celebrated at the hospital, they have plans to make a big deal of this milestone in Victoria’s life and make it as special as possible, including a cake smash.

“I say that Victoria has already filled a bigger purpose than that of an adult,” said Davis.

Due to Davis being unable to work since Victoria’s birth, the family’s church, Tamarack Road Church of Christ, has created a fund on her and Victoria’s behalf. Donations can be dropped off or mailed to 1000 E. Tamarack Rd., Altus, 73521, addressed to the Anesha and Victoria Davis Fund.

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