Great American Shakeout set for next week

by Lloyd Colston, - City of Altus Emergency Manager

Altus – Area emergency management officials are encouraging residents to “Drop, Cover, and Hold ON” next week for Great American Shakeout.

“Oklahoma experienced 585 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 +, in 2014 alone”, said Wayne Cain, Jackson County Emergency Management director. “The most powerful was experienced in 2011, centered in Prague, Oklahoma. It registered a 5.6 on the scale and caused considerable damage.”

Lloyd Colston, City of Altus Emergency Manager said, “The best way to prepare is to practice what you need to do in an earthquake situation. DROP COVER and HOLD ON!”

The duo encouraged groups to register their participation at and join more than 51,000 others who are participating in the drill.

“While the Altus area has not had an earthquake in years,” said Colston, “that does not mean we won’t have one tomorrow.”

In other words, the risk may be low but it is never zero.

Other earthquake information may be found at,, and

For more information about emergency management, residents may contact Cain at 580-482-0229 while 580-481-2260 is the number to reach Colston. At information about emergency management is found.

by Lloyd Colston,

City of Altus Emergency Manager

Reach Lloyd Colston at

Reach Lloyd Colston at

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