Former Altus resident making film of Biblical proportions

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It’s not often that a former Altus resident goes Hollywood on us.

That’s exactly what Joseph Chastain, who lived here from 1983 to 1986, has done. He is currently raising funds for a new motion picture Sinner’s Bible on the popular crowd funding site The film will be executive produced by Gordon Cornell Layne who has been a producer on films that have won and been nominated for Oscars and TV shows like The Waltons and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

“We want the general public to have a chance to make the film with us.” Chastain, who has also directed a film with seven time Emmy winner Ed Asner said. “We’re looking to raise $20,000 from them and giving them some awesome incentives to contribute to our campaign.”

They are giving away everything from pages of the screenplay to credits on the film to people that give different amounts. At one donation level they are giving the opportunity for people to videotape special messages to their friends and include them in the DVD of the film.

Chastain has been writing the script of the film for almost 10 years. He points out that people think he is nuts for having such relentless perfectionism for writing.

“Joseph is an amazing young man,” Layne said. “There are not many that are willing to go the extra mile that he is in order to make a great film.”

In order to get more information on the films campaign go to

staff reports

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