Butler re-appointed to EMS District of Jackson County Board of Trustees

At Monday’s County Commissioners’ meeting the re-appointment of Dorothy Butler to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) District of Jackson County Board of Trustees was approved, and term is set to begin July 1 and end June 30, 2020.

Consideration and approval was granted for the lease agreement between Pitney Bowes and Jackson County Health Department for the digital mailing system, software, installation, and a label printer for a period of 60 months. This agenda idea was previously tabled until research could be done and more information provided.

“With 39 people in our department, we send a lot of mail. Every employee has a code and this makes it easy for auditing and coding purposes. The money does stay local, goes back to Altus’ zip code,” said Karen Weaver, Administrative Director, Jackson County Health Department.

Designation of Requisitioning Officers and Receiving Officers for the Treasurer’s Office, effective July 1, was approved.

Renee Howard, Jackson County Treasurer presented a recap of collections and Resale Deeds for property acquired at the June 8, resale. According to Howard, there were a total of 69 parcels before resale. The total number of parcels sold on June 8, was 19, 10 of which were sold to individuals and 9 sold to Jackson County. Total dollars collected prior to sale was $49,531.39, total dollars collected on sale to individuals was $9,804.19 and the totals dollars lost on property sold to County was $12,589.39.

The presentation was accepted by the Commissioners.

In the matter of intent to participate in ACCO-SIF (Self-Insured Fund) Worker’s Compensation Policy and Resolution 2015-30, to execute the agreement, establishing the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma SIF (Worker’s Compensation Program) for Fiscal Year 2015-2016, the County Commissioners voted to approve option 1 in the amount of $99,168, vs. option two, in the amount of $51,072 times two, which would total $102,144. It was stated that the premium is down, $11,000.

Several bids have been submitted for the road and bridge materials for Jul1 through December 31. Vote was taken and approved to, take time to compile the bids under advisement.

There was no new business, claims were approved and the County Commissioners, June 15, meeting was adjourned.

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