Altus native organizes vigil in Stillwater

By Mary O. Esparza, -

Matt Mills

Altus native Matt Mills serves as the campus minister of the Church of Christ on the Oklahoma State University Campus.

His outreach on campus to students includes bible study, setting up mission trips, and mentoring students to be directly involved in the forming of their faith. Matt says, “There is an awesome feeling to see when a student wants to change their lives due to a wake up call. Students start to form their own faith and walk with God.”

Mills encourages students to take part in the many opportunities available that will help build their faith and see the love of God. He has traveled with students to India to serve in an orphanage, and shared evangelism in Germany. For 13 years every Spring Break, Mills and students have visited Houston, Texas and worked with inner-city people. One of his former students graduated and even returned to live in Houston and work in Children’s Ministry.

His OSU college students ministry have a weekly spiritual activity called “Praise on the Plaza”, the group gathers to sing and pray on late Sunday nights. A time of coming together to help focus on the power of faith, and strengthen their relationship with God.

When the OSU tragedy occurred many of Matts students were closely affected. Four of his students were as close as 8 to 10 feet from the accident. Twenty or more students saw the accident from a distance. Matt immediately felt that something needed to be done to help everyone on campus and throughout Stillwater deal with the tragedy, and to honor the victims. He started to text and call around and came up with the idea of a candlelight vigil. Matt, who serves as President of the Campus Interfaith Council, asked the council to also take part in the vigil. Eight to nine ministries each played a role in the ceremony and a band from the Redeemer Church in Stillwater also performed. Prior to the memorial a huge reception was held for the victims families.

Matt recalls an overwhelming positive experience that happened with a freshman student. The 18-year-old had been on an AG float during the parade and witnessed the horrific accident. She later painted what she felt and visited with the victims families building a precious bond and friendship.

“Students amazed me with their kind hearts and compassion,” said Matt.

Matt lives in Stillwater with his wife Melissa who is a math professor at OSU. They have two children, Tucker,5, and Paige, 3.

Matt Mills Mills

By Mary O. Esparza,

Reach Mary O. Esparza at 580-482-1221 ext. 2077

Reach Mary O. Esparza at 580-482-1221 ext. 2077

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