Duke Schools items on Commissioners agenda for Monday

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The Jackson County Commissioners will meet in regular session on Monday, Nov. 23. The 9 a.m. meeting will be held int he Commissioners office at the Jackson County Courthouse.

Commissioners will hold a joint meeting with the Excise Board to set holidays for the 2016 calendar year, as well as set regular meeting dates for the Commissioner’s 2016 calendar year.

Agenda items include consideration of a lease agreement between the County Commissioners of Jackson County and Altus Southwest Economic Development Corporation of real property located at 300 Todd Lane, the Altus Expo Center. They will also consider a resolution authorizing and approving the incurring of indebtedness by the Trustees of the Jackson County Educational Facilities Authority to be accomplished by the issuance of lease revenue bonds, bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness in one or more series on a tax-exempt or taxable basis, at a premium or discount, in the aggregate principal amount of not to exceed $2,600,000 to provide funds to Independent School District No. 14, Jackson County (“Duke Public Schools” or the “District”) required to complete the acquisition, construction, equipping, renovating and remodeling of school buildings, acquiring school furniture, fixtures, and equipment and acquiring and improving school sites; establish a reserve fund, if any, capitalize interest and pay costs of issuance and all matters related thereto, including but not limited to the waiver of competitive bidding thereof; and declaring an emergency.

Action on State of Oklahoma, Department of Transportation Project Maintenance, Financing and Right-of-Way Resolution and Agreement for Grade, Drain, & Surface project beginning at the intersection of US-283 and Ridgecrest Road extending west 1.0 mile on Ridgecrest Road to Carver Road (NS-203), then extending north 2.0 miles to West Bradford Avenue (EW-163) in Altus; Project No.: J3-0085(04)RB, State Job No.: 30085(04) will then be considered.

Possible action on the appointment of a trustee to serve on the Southwestern Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA) effective Jan. 1, 2016 with term ending Dec. 31, 2016 will then be considered.

The meeting will adjourn after action on claims and payroll.

staff reports


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