Police warn of phone scam

staff reports

Altus Police want to alert residents of a phone scam in which a caller identifies himself as an employee from Altus Power.

“The caller demands money after telling the victim their Altus Power account is past due,” said Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy. “In this particular case, the victim has the payment automatically deducted from his account but later called Altus Power to confirm his account balance and was told the call did not originate from Altus Power.”

According to Altus Utility Director, Janice Berryhill, delinquent accounts will be contacted by mail and not by phone.

Police encourage residents to never give your bank account information or credit card information to anyone who initiates a telephone call and demands money. “This potential victim did exactly what he was supposed to do. He did not give the suspect personal information and he contacted the City of Altus to verify, if in fact, the call originated from Altus Power,” said Murphy.

staff reports

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