Improved performance begins with the hospital patient satisfaction survey

Providing great patient care is a job that Jackson County Memorial Hospital takes seriously. Our medical staff, nursing staff, and all employees who make Jackson County Memorial Hospital run efficiently focus every day on meeting Southwest Oklahoma’s healthcare needs.

The patient survey is a tool that we use to measure our patient’s perception of this care. A hospital patient satisfaction survey can be an important tool in understanding and identifying ways to reduce costs and improve operational performance.

The patient survey is sent out to patients discharged from the hospital or patients who have received clinic care within 2 weeks.

Shelley Simmons, JCMH Nurse Manager says, “Delivering quality healthcare every time to our patients is our most important activity at JCMH. We strive to meet the expectations of our patients, families and physicians. Getting feedback from our patients confirms that we are providing that type of care and motivates our staff. When we receive opportunities to improve our care we take those very seriously and discuss with the frontline patient care staff. This information allows us to make needed adjustments to our care delivery to better meet our next patient’s expectations and needs. When a nurse is mentioned specifically in a positive response from a patient, those comments provide added momentum to deliver that same high quality care with every encounter.”

A hospital patient satisfaction survey can also pinpoint areas of concern such as a problem in communication, and help identify the areas where specific change could yield dramatic results.

As a part of the Affordable Care Act, patient satisfaction and the survey results are now linked to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reimbursement. The surveys are designed by Medicare and take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Kay Bolding, Vice-President of Patient Care Services says, “Our staff committees and units use the information to truly improve the patient experience and patient safety. We look at results by organization and by unit on how we are managing patients and their pain, how responsive or timely we are to their needs, how we communicate, are we teaching them about new medications, and providing adequate discharge information, etc. It is discussed in staff meetings and plans are made for improvement. We also take organizational results and improvement plans to quality committees and to the board. We really do use the information they fill out to compliment, recognize and reward staff for their great care which encourages staff to ALWAYS work to meet patient needs.”

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