Progress being made to restore power

Local Emergency Management Director Lloyd Colston used the words “Commitment”, “Progress”, and “Teamwork” to describe the ongoing cooperative work being done to get the electricity restored to Altus and the surrounding areas. “We are continuing to make progress,” said Colston, “but there are still pockets of our community that are still without power. Everyone involved is working diligently to restore power as soon as possible.”

Colston added that PSO is promising electricity to be completely restored in Altus on Saturday. Other crews are also working to restore power to the many outlaying communities that are still without power. Frederick reports construction work eastward from the PSO Frederick substation made considerable progress Wednesday to return service to their community. WFEC was also reported to have made progress in repairing their transmission system to it’s Frederick substation. Box, Inc. of Frederick was also said to be receiving a shipment of generators today and will also be open on New Year’s Day.

Colston said that a disaster such as this is not pleasant for anyone involved, but workers, volunteers, lineman and others who are working overtime to get the power back up and helping with other related problems are to be highly commended. “It could be much worse, and I want to brag on a lot of people involved including the National Guard who brought generators to our town, and the City employees in all departments who have been doing what they can to make this disaster go away.”

Colston said that the National Guard drove 40 mph all night Tuesday to get generators here for City emergency operations and for the waste water plant. “Without those generators, we would still be in the dark,” said Colston.

He added, “There’s always going to be a ‘hiccup’ in any situation. You can just expect something to happen because it always does. That’s why I like the Marines’ saying, ‘Improvise, Adapt, Overcome’. That’s what our community, and the people of Southwest Oklahoma have done. Not just within the city, but our rural neighbors who have been without power. I know that people have been checking on each other and helping each other in any way they can. You just don’t see that in other places.”

Colston said that a lot of progress has been made, and although there is still power out in all directions from Altus, he wants people to know that work is being done as fast as possible by multiple crews working long hours. “Please be patient, and thank you.”

by Michael Bush,

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