Allowed ways to dispose of storm debris given

by John A. Barron, -

As residents clean up from the winter storm, the City of Altus reminds residents about city policy regarding clean-up of limbs and tree trimmings. There are several ways to handle removal of storm debris.

Hire a contractor

Contractors for hire may not place limbs or debris in the alley or in dumpsters for city pickup. Contractors must haul limbs and debris directly to the landfill.

Take to landfill

Residents are encouraged to take limbs and debris directly to the landfill. Residents who pay for city trash collection are allowed to dump up to 1,500 pounds of debris each month for free as long as the debris comes from their place of residence. For free disposal, residents must show a current utility bill and a drivers license.

Place in dumpster

Residents may place small limbs (less than two inches in diameter) and debris in dumpsters as long as pieces are cut to lengths no longer than three feet. Take care not to fill the dumpster to the point that neighbors cannot use it. Heavy pieces of tree trunks can damage garbage trucks if they are placed in dumpsters.

Place in alley

Large limbs or tree trunks may be placed in the alley (on the edge) as long as access to dumpsters or utility meters are not obstructed. All wood must be cut to manageable pieces. Large heavy pieces may not be collected. City vehicles must be able to pass through alleys without damage. Nothing should not be placed on or against dumpsters. If a dumpster becomes obstructed by debris, the city will not empty it. Once debris is placed in the alley, it may take 60-90 days for the City’s contractor to remove it. Removal will be done with heavy equipment and some smaller pieces may be left behind in which case, the resident should place the remains in the dumpster. It is not permissible for anyone to place large amounts of building materials or demolition debris in alleys or dumpsters. Debris from small repairs such as sheet rock or lumber may be placed in dumpsters as long as pieces do not exceed three feet in length.


Outdoor burning is not allowed within the City Limits. However, burning wood as a fuel is allowed within a property constructed fireplace. Depending on the type and condition of the wood, it may be a desirable commodity that could be sold or donated.

The City does not offer curb-side pickup from front yards. At this point, the City does not anticipate special pickup service or temporary drop off points for storm debris. Anyone who violates city code is subject to enforcement as allowed by law.

by John A. Barron,

John A. Barron is the Public Works Director/City Engineer for the City of Altus

John A. Barron is the Public Works Director/City Engineer for the City of Altus


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