Commissioners contacted State officials about reduction in funding

By Mary O. Esparza, -

Jackson County Commissioners meet Monday, Jan. 25. It was said at the meeting that the Commissioners have contacted State Senator Mike Shulz and Representative Charles Ortega about the ODOC decision to reduce their amount of funding. The Jackson County Commissioners office reported that two projects had already sent out bids and ordered equipment. The loss of partial allocation funding puts a financial burden on all these projects.

In December 2015 the county was appropriated $155,491.73, but it had to be split between the three districts.

In 1996 legislators created the REAP program to provide funding assistance to rural communities of less than 7,000 in population with priority based on entities of 1,500 and below.

No action was taken on the Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grant contract amendments due to Oklahoma Department of Commerce reducing SWODA’s REAP allocations to fund projects by three percent. Those projects include the Friendship Volunteer Fire Department which was reduced by $1,288; the Jackson County Rural Fire Chiefs Association that was reduced by $733; and the Warren Community Fired Department that was reduced by $1,350.

Also at the meeting, Commissioners approved several resolutions for the disposing of several items and pieces of equipment. These include a Gateway 500 computer, a Dell CPU, a Compaq computer, four rapid print time recorders, Monroe classic calculators, and HP monitors.

By Mary O. Esparza,

Reach Mary O. Esparza at 580-482-1221 ext. 2077

Reach Mary O. Esparza at 580-482-1221 ext. 2077


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